This year Handpan Day will be bigger than ever

Handpan Day is coming again on Wednesday, October 13th. In 2021, in addition to independently organized celebrations, handpan enthusiasts will be able to join a free 24-hour online festival on Facebook.

The global annual holiday was initiated in 2019 by Lauri Wuolio and is a celebration of the handpan culture and artform. Its purpose is to inspire and bring joy to the worldwide handpan scene, which consists of thousands of handpan enthusiasts, players, and instrument builders around the world. People are asked to join the celebration for example by playing handpans together, organizing listening parties or concerts, releasing new music, or posting handpan related content on social media. 

This year the handpan music label Future Rust will create the first-ever Handpan Day Online Festival. The event will be free and streamed via Facebook featuring 24 hours of handpan performances, workshops, interviews, and more. The Festival will see performances from artists like David Kuckhermann, Dan Mulqueen, Kumea Sound, and Connor Shafran. The full lineup will be revealed at the beginning of the week.

Coinciding with this Future Rust will be celebrating the release of the highly anticipated Future Rust: Vol. 3 handpan compilation album. As with previous compilations, the album will be available to purchase at a name-your-price-point through Bandcamp. All of the album sales during the festival will be donated to Handpan Community United to help support in the fight to defend the handpan artform.

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